Kandrot Consulting provides expertise in mapping, spatial analysis, surveying, and environmental research.  It was founded by Dr. Sarah Kandrot in 2015 on the basis of her passion for the application of geoinformatics technologies to real-world environmental problems.  She has since worked on a wide range of projects involving the provision of cartography and spatial analysis services to support multiple sustainable energy projects, academic research in geography and food business, and a coastal local authority study study on erosion risk management.

Dr. Kandrot earned a PhD in Geography from University College Cork, where her work on the monitoring and modelling of coastal barriers provided key insights into the response of these systems to sea-level change.  The results of this work have been presented at numerous national and international conferences and published in a special edition of the academic journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.  Dr. Kandrot also holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science from Boston University (Boston, MA, USA) and a first class honours master’s degree in Coastal Zone Management and GIS from UCC. 

Dr. Sarah Kandrot, Founder

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