Kandrot Environmental Consulting Services offers a range of geospatial and environmental services to our clients.  Key areas of expertise include coastal research, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), cartography, and spatial data acquisition, analysis, and management.

NEW: Aerial Surveying & 3D modelling


A qualified drone pilot, Sarah can provide aerial imagery or video, as well as processed 3D data using photogrammetry techniques.  

Cartography & Mapping


We create quality, professional maps customised to suit your specific needs.  Maps can be delivered in a wide range of formats, including digital and printed.  No project is too big or too small. 

Spatial Analysis

GIS is more than just maps - it's about using geographical data to support decision making and problem solving. Our services include site selection, spatial risk and vulnerability assessment, geospatial modelling, viewshed analysis, change detection and much more.  

Environmental Research & Reporting


Primary research and reporting is a prerequisite for many environmental activities.  We have extensive research experience, particularly in relation to coastal environments and erosion and flood risk.  

Data Visualisation & Graphic Design


We can help you visually communicate scientific and technical data in an exciting and appealing manner.  We design graphs, logos, info graphics, etc. to an exceptionally high standard for print and digital publication.

Technical Writing


Let us summarise or translate any complex environmental legislation, academic literature, or other scientific documentation from jargon to crystal-clear, stylishly written English.  

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